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ElectronVibe Maldives 

An open-innovation program for electric utilities, via which a cohort of mature power-sector startups co-develop business-cases for scalable technological innovations, with the aim of implementing pilot-projects as a precursor to larger deployment.

Join our webinar on 18th July, 2024

Join a cohort of advanced power sector startups to co-develop scalable technological solutions. Together, we'll create compelling business cases and launch pilot projects, paving the way for large-scale deployment and transformative impact in the energy industry.

One startup will be selected at the end of the program for a fully funded pilot based on their business case, working with our utility partner, STELCO. Sign up for our informative webinar to learn more!

Problem Statement

Due to Maldives’ being a group of islands, it faces a unique set of challenges in generating and supplying electricity. Maldives is heavily reliant on the import of fossil fuels (mainly diesel) as an energy source. However, to reduce their reliance on diesel imports, the country has made a step towards energy independence by widespread renewable energy and smart meter installations planned (to achieve 70% power capacity share from renewable energy sources by 2030). Furthermore, on the supply side, STELCO has faced frequent interruptions in the power link between Male' and neighboring islands like Huhlumale'. The grid would require innovative solutions to manage the grid while going through the infrastructure transition.

Grid management solutions to improve overall stability and synchronization between grid assets (both generation and distribution) for better energy data collection, analytics, risk assessment, asset monitoring, resource (fuel) management, and demand forecasting to improve STELCO’s operational and technical efficiency to eventually transition to a decarbonized smart grid.

Why Should You


Post Program Pilot

The winning startup will have the opportunity to conduct a fully funded pilot with the utility partner.

Gain Domain Experience

Understand the power sector, and how to work with the Maldives’ electric utilities, by learning directly from industry experts via a structured training program (delivered via weekly webinars). 



Opportunity to interact with a wide range of mature power sector startups and mentors. You will have regular access to our program partners with diverse expertise in the power sector. 


Opportunity to Engage

Throughout the program, there will be opportunities to meet and engage with Maldives electric utility professionals and other power sector stakeholders. 


Who Should

The program is looking for mature power sector startups that are:


Deployment Ready 

Your product or service has been fully developed and is ready to be launched, or is already in the market.

Technologically Innovative

Your product or service is uniquely positioned to solve a challenge faced by utilities in the Maldives.



the Utility Partner 

State Electric Company Limited (STELCO) is a 100% State Owned Enterprise (SOE) in the Maldives. The company started its operation in the year 1949 with the sole purpose of providing electricity in the Maldives. Currently, STELCO operates powerhouses and water and sewerage networks in the Greater Male Region and majority islands of Kaafu, Alif Alif, Alif Dhaal and Vaavu Atoll.



The ElectronVibe Maldives program is made possible by the support of the American People through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through the South Asia Regional Energy Partnership (SAREP), the flagship regional energy program of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) India. 



This program is powered by New Energy Nexus, the world’s leading ecosystem of funds and accelerators supporting diverse clean energy entrepreneurs, from emerging tech to clean energy deployment and adoption. 

Jury and Mentors

  • Hussain Solah, Engineer - STELCO 
  • Mohamed Arif, Engineer - STELCO 
  • Aishath Yamna, Manager - STELCO 
  • Mohamed Faizan Faiz, Assistant Engineer - STELCO
  • Ajay Rawat, Utility Lead - USAID, South Asia Regional Energy Partnership (SAREP) Program at RTI International

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Names to be added shortly...